Fixed Rate Conventional Loans.

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15, 20, 30 Year Fixed Loan


30 Year Fixed

A 30 year fixed conventional loan is a loan that has the same mortgage payments for 360 months.

Conventional loans typically are harder to qualify for than FHA loans and require a slightly higher down payment. However, in some cases rates can be lower and have lower closing costs. Also, monthly mortgage insurance is usually less or can be nothing with 20% down payment.

20 Year Fixed

This type of loan is the same as the 30 year fixed rate loan except the life of the loan is 240 months as opposed to 360 months. Since the loan is being paid slightly faster than the 30 year fixed rate loan, monthly payments for this type of loan are higher than the 30 year fixed rate loan. Some Lenders allow for a lesser rate.

15 Year Fixed

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